Network Marketing vs Multi-Level Marketing (AKA MLM)

MLM is actually also called Network Marketing, which is becoming one of the easiest way to earn online with little or no capital. You can start  with many top mutli level marketing companies for less than a good fast food meal and build it to a 6 or 7 figure a years business in one year if done correctly. So let’s start from the basics.

What Is Network Marketing?

It’s basically a marketing strategy for which you earn commissions not only from sales you generate but also fro the people you recruit. Meaning you still make money the sales you bring in with the ability to earn from the sales that people under you bring in as well.

Many people incorrectly think that Multi-Level Marketing is a pyramid scheme. But the truth is that pyramid schemes offer no value and are designed to keep you at the level you entered to extract as much money from you as possible to sort of “feed” the upper levels until the end.

On the other hand best network marketing companies, like the ones I use offer you all of the tools and training neccasrry to success. Multilevel marketing also doesn’t have limits and everyone starts of on the same level equally.  This means your success depends entirety on you and your actions.

With that said multi-level marketing is not for everyone. If you’re a tire or someone that just wants a free meal than forget about it. The simple fact is that like with most businesses the begging is the hardest part when starting an MLM venture, but don’t worry hard work pays off and once you start seeing success it will be all worth it.

I always laugh when people say that network marketing is scam considering the top people make the most. To me it’s like saying every company, firm and business is a scam because the better position you have the more you make. It’s the same with multilevel marketing, the only difference is that you are depended on other people to move up and earn more. There are no promotions to beg for, no bosses to suck up to, just you and your business.

Another crucial part of MLM is the network part. You see because being part of it means you are part of a network where everyone’s goals are connected and not like in other forms of businesses where everyone is out for themselves. This means that people genuinely will help each other success ans your success equals my success.

That’s why if you sign up to any of the top MLM companies I chose below under me I will personally help you succeed. My specialties are SEO, free advertising as well as paid advertising.

Top Network Marketing Companies

multi-level-marketingI’m currently using four multi-level marketing networks; empower network, pure leverage, internet lifestyle network., and MTTB. The beauty about network marketing is that you don’t have to be stuck with one, and only earn 1/4 of commissions.  That’s why I recommend you sign up for all three and earn maximum profits. But if you’re new, or still not sure about network marketing, let me help you decided which one is right for you.

Empower Network

The most known, and popular of all the networks. It features a top notch blogging platform and quality training to get you started. Most popular choice by far, but is it the best for a newbie? Check out my full empower network review and find out.

Pure Leverage

Another heavy hitter, but newer and easier to promote than empower network. It all features a blogging platform as well as a auto responder and other cool features. Similar to empower network pure leverage has quality training.  Take a look at my pure leverage review to find out more.

Internet Lifestyle Network

The internet lifestyle network is probably the most newbie friend network, as it’s fairly new and a great system. It also features a blogging platform, as well as training. The main difference with internet lifestyle network is that you get 50% commissions and not 100%, but you don’t need to own products to promote them and earn. Take a look over my full internet lifestyle network review now.

My Top Tier Business Review (aka MTTB)

Another great one I’m testing out right now. Check out the full review at MTTB – My Top Tier Business Review

The Bottom Line of MLM

In the end it will be up to you to choose a network that fits your needs best. Just remember to check out all the reviews, and if you decide to get any of them through my site I’ll help you as much as I can. Just contact me!


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