Empower Network Review 2014

Let me tell you why Empower Network is the easiest way to start earning a full time income from home in 2014. This is not B.S. review to shows you the possibilities of this system.

My Story

empower networkgMy story of earning (or rather trying to earn) online begins about the same time that the EN was launched by Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe back in April 2011.

In matter of fact one of the earliest opportunities I had to join the network was probably in May of 2011. It a YouTube video of some guy saying how he made XX,XXX amount of money with it.

What did I do? i clicked off of course, thinking it was one of those get rich quick schemes everyone was warning me about. You know the kind with big house, exotic car and luxury yacht, we all see it.

I decided to try my luck with the more traditional route of blogging article writing and occasional gigs I was paid less than $2 per hour, go to my About Me for the complete story.

To keep the longs story short I actually joined Dave Wood’s Empower Network in 2013, but only got serious 2014 after realizing how anyone can start making a full time income with it. Not only that but some are able to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year using just EN.

just check out the video of one of the Empower network’s members getting her dream car delivered to her.

It’s really the only business model that allows people with no experience or marketing knowledge have such success.

How Is That Possible?

After analyzing the winning formula of EN it comes down to 3 things:

  1. All the information and tool in one place
  2. Easy to follow plan/stragey
  3. Community

With that said number 3 is probably the most important part of it all. You see the empower network members are team, constantly evolving and moving forward as a whole.

If you read mys story, you know I spend most of my time in affiliate marketing. While many have success with affiliate marketing it’s a very dog eat dog world populated with scams, fake gurus and spammers.

So if you still are not part of the EN team please do yourself a favorite and get started with it. Use any of my links to get my personal methods of succeeding with EN. If you still not ready check out the detailed review below

The Best Empower Network Review

Why the best? Because I tell it out it is, no B.S., no hype just pure info.

The EN is a complete all in one system that includes the training and viral blogging system, you can use it many different ways. Which means there are multiply ways to earn with it as well. Let’s go over the products

What Are The Empower Network Products?

Like I said before it comes with full arrange of products and the possibility of “All IN” Bundle. Of course there are a lot of benefits of going all in, but it’s not necessary for success.

Viral Blogging System (AKA Empower Network Blog) Viral Blogging System

Once you sign up for the EN membership you will get your own blog hosted on the empowernetwork.com domain. This mean you will not need to buy hosting, domain name, design, themes, or any other costs associated with owning your own website.

You get this automatically, so all you have to do is sign in and start posting. And post you should, Dave Wood recommends posting everyday, and that’s a really good advice as the more posts you have the more you earn.

What you post is totally up to you. It doesn’t have to be related to EN, or even making money online. Heck, you can even post about your day or a short message about what you learned. They key is to post, and watch your blog grow.

Other programs include

Inner Circle Review

Here you get information as well as motivational audio around once per week. This is actually a lot more powerful than it seems as training your mind success is one of the keys.

$15k Formula Review

Want to know what the best networkers are doing to earn? Then this migth be for you. If you have the budget I recommend getting it.

Masters Course Review

The cream of the top earners sit down and recreate their successes in HD videos so you can follow along and learn. This is the most expensive course in the serious and I would hold off before getting it, but if you have the will and budget go for it

So How Do I make Money?

The basic way to earn with the EN is have other sign up under you and many people think that’s the end of the system. But it’s actually only a begining as the EN is just an entry point to a whole other life on both internet and network marketing.

The stuff you learn from EN training, the community as well as my personal training for members under me will not only help you earn leads, sales and commissions inside the network, but can be applied to any online business or even brick and mortal one

So get started today and let your old life go. Click Here to join my team and I’ll make sure you will succeed.


If you already member of Empower network or want to double or even triple your earning I recommend also signing up for pure leverage and internet lifestyle network. This way you can do the same amount of work and earn more.


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